Jeep Jump Jive is on hand to make your special occasion one that will be remembered. Ideal for vintage-themed events, your guests will love our authentic 1942 US Army Air Force Jeep. Here, in a nutshell, are some of the things the Jeep is available for, click through for more information: Music The Jeep has been kitted out with an original 1930s radio with event-level sound to play all the swinging tunes of the 1930s and 40s. Click here for more info. Mill Green Classic Car & Vintage Day Dancing We can park up at your event and entertain a crowd, with the optional help of professional swing dancers if you want classes, a performance, or just that additional bit of 40s atmosphere. Charlie's Angels Vintage Dance Troupe Transport We can drive the bride-to-be to the wedding, or your daughter to her prom - roof up or down! Click here for more info. Photo booth While playing some tunes, the Jeep serves as a very cool vintage photo booth! Click here for more info. Photobooth Invitations We can provide all your vintage-styled promo materials, wedding invitations etc.