Vintage photo booth

Capture the spirit of the 1940s with our vintage photo booth. Everyone, young and old, loves the opportunity to sit behind the wheel of a genuine WW2 Jeep and the resulting photos are always fun, energetic and most importantly of all, super unique. Panshanger Revival Day We've got a great selection of US and British hats and helmets to add that extra vintage touch! We can print your photos out on-site in a variety of formats, vintage-effect or glorious Technicolor! Our favourite is vintage-style 6x4s. HH15-41 There are four main ways we can provide a vintage photo booth for your event, or please get in touch to discuss a customised plan. 1. Selfie photo booth - We provide the Jeep and the props and your guests are able to take their own photos, with us close by to give a helping hand. 2. Digital photo booth - We take your guests' photos and provide them to you in digital format, on usb and/or as an online album. 3. Keepsake book photo booth - We take your guests' photos and compile them into a beautiful book for you to keep. Get in contact with us to find out how we can capture your special day.