Display Dancing & Fun Classes

Alongside our DJ services we also dance… after all, who can stay sitting down when the music is swinging!


Display Dancing

We dance the iconic and exciting 1940s dance, the Lindy Hop. The Jeep is our backdrop and members of the public are always welcome to join in.

As a rule, we will dance throughout your event, taking rest breaks intermittently (ideally during quieter moments), but we can also work to scheduled dance slots to fit round other entertainment you have booked and enable you to advertise the display timings in your event literature.

Fun Classes

Get everyone up and dancing with a fun 1940s dance class.

Our classes are suitable for all ages and abilities, grandparents, kids and everyone in-between.

1940s swing dancing (solo or partnered)
A fun class that will give everyone a set of basic steps so they can carry on dancing after the class finishes.


1940s novelty dance
Long before the Macarena there was the Lambeth Walk, the Big Apple and the Conga. Easy to learn with recognisable songs and steps that unite generations.

Classes can be scheduled as
2 x 30 minutes
3 x 20 minutes
30 minute icebreaker

All classes are followed by social dancing which we encourage the public to participate in.