Tech Specs

We have little to no technical requirements! We offer a fully mobile service which enables us to entertain at your event with minimal fuss and setup time.


No Power Requirements

Our typical setup operates from leisure batteries inside the Jeep and will not require the venue to provide us with electricity. This enables to be placed anywhere on site without the trip hazard of trailing cables.

The exception for this would be in low-light conditions (evening/indoors) where we would need electricity if you wanted us to use our lighting setup. Read more about our lighting setup here.


Quick Setup & Breakdown Times

Upon arriving at the venue it takes us approx. 30 minutes to 1 hour to setup. Breakdown takes only 30 minutes.


Space Requirements

The Jeep and trailer are approx. 1.5m x 6m and we recommend a dancing area in front of this of at least 2m.

For indoor events, the Jeep only needs a width of 1.8m to enter through (roughly the size of a double door emergency exit) but please consider that once inside the Jeep may need room to manoeuvre if you want it in a particular spot/angle.

In smaller spaces we are able to operate without the trailer.


Sound Levels

Our mobile sound setup is suitable for most indoor and outdoor events, with sound travelling comfortably to approx. 200ft (the length of three tennis courts).

For larger events we can use a more powerful and conventional sound system, please request this when asking for a quote.


Floor Types

We are able to be placed on either hard standing or grass. For the purposes of dancing we ask for the land to be reasonably level and smooth (i.e. modern paving not cobbles). Hilly or holey surfaces will inhibit the amount and quality of dancing or at worst be a health & safety issue. If in doubt, send us a photo or a Google Street View link.

For outdoor events where you wish to specifically advertise or appeal to dancers to attend we would recommend considering the placement of an outdoor dance floor and/or marquee.


Multi-Day Events

We often provide entertainment for multi-day events (weekends or over a number of evenings). For us to keep the Jeep on-site overnight (which is our preference, and essential for long-distance bookings) we require a secure, preferably covered, location.


Long-Distance Bookings

We are happy to take enquiries from anywhere in the country. Our home area is shown on the map below. Beyond this area (and occasionally within it) we will use a transporter to get to your event and will require parking for the transporter for the duration of the event. Please note, when using a transporter we are unable to bring our trailer, which lessens the visual impact of our display slightly, but makes no technical difference.


Case Studies

Take a look at these case studies for a more detailed look at what we’ve done at previous events.