Indoor Events

While we specialise in outdoor events, we can also cater for indoor events, providing all the same music and dancing services, with or without our Jeep.


With the Jeep

With permission, we are able to bring the Jeep inside event venues, with only a 1.8m wide opening needed (a double fire door exit). See our tech specs for more details on sizes.


Without the Jeep

Our sound system can be removed from the Jeep, enabling a vintage set up inside your venue. Alternatively, for small period settings we have a compact 1930s radio that can be placed discreetly into the room.



For indoor or low-light outdoor events we can come equipped with our lighting setup. It consists of two large spot lights, surrounded by sandbags. Additional non-vintage/coloured lighting is available on request. (Please note: For lighting we will require a power point.)